A customer-controlled POS

simple/no ads/no registration/no apps

Let your customers ding for a beer!

PubOrder is a Pub POS written in particular for pub owners, and a Personal Waiter for their customers.
For client side, the app does not require a download (it can be run in the browser), it does not require a login or even internet access (neither from server or client), and is ad-free. Anyhow it includes app for Android and IOS for the customer who does preffer that.

Unlike our competitors the main goal of our design is to keep the app to be extremely simple for both operators (owners, waiters) and customers.
We reach our goal, moreover the app is complete, it has flexible and simple features to operate or generate real useful reports (including live reports on web of course).
We were able to do that because we own and operate a large crowded pub from Romania since 2004 and we took a slow, step by step, approach in developing the app, according to real stuff that's happens in a pub.

The good news is that the price for the app is 99 euros (one time fee) without any monthly subscription, regardless the size of the pub.
The bad news is that although the final version of app is already running for more than an year in our pub, it needs to be reviewed, protected, packed and registered to local Authority of Copyright, in order to be sold. This will take us a few months but it will be available in late November 2017.
We really encourage you to contact us and we'll be happy to announce you when the app is ready (and only for this puropose- we hate spam as much as you do), additionally you'll have a 20 euros discount for purchasing the app (without paying in advance, or complete boring forms).

The App is coming soon and the pub customers side will be available on Google Play and Appstore too.
Check us in a few months, or contact us and we'll let you know when the app is avalable and give you a 20 euros discount!

What we deliver?

The POS app will be available for download from this site on the download section!
It will be embeded and won't need an installer or additional software. It will run (from an exe) under Windows 32/64 and it will open a webserver with everything it needs.
After registration and payment you can use it at full specification, with no limits of functionality.

*You don't need a permanent internet connection on the server, however at least once per month it will require internet access for a blink of an eye, just to verify if it is not an unregistered copy.

How it basically works

It's not the time yet to enumerate all the features, that will be done in a separate 'how to' page.
Basically the tables plan it will show the table with three different color, let's say: green is a free table, blue is an ocupied table (with some processed orders) and red is an occupied table who just received an order from customer's phone. When a table turns red, a gently 'ding!' is playing on the speakers to alert the waiter
The orders sent by customers with their phone have a special status named "preorder". This "preorder" (red color, remember?) must to be clicked by a waiter to become "processed order"...that's it...sure it's a lot to say and we'll be happy to answer at any question

Useful reports

We hate charts,
so the only chart you'll ever see is this ugly gif :)
The owner can see various reports over the internet in real time. The most basic and useful report is the one that shows tables orders, preorders, deleted items, total amount for opened/closed/cash/credit/discounts in real time
Of course you'll have previous reports too.

screen capture 1

App main screen

There are Categories (in blue) and Menu Items (in green)
Pressing an item will open a window with a 'pre-filled 1; for quantity and an order button
After pressing 'order' a gentle 'ding' can be heared in the pub's speakers to alert the waiter and the table becomes red on the pub's POS.

screen capture 2

Order details

The customers can see their processed or waiting for being processed orders anytime.
In this screen capture there are 2 more buttons that can be available on demand:
- a button to add music at winamp queue (requires Winamp as mp3 player)
- a diploma print: a feature allowing customers to print Diplomas with funny random messages for themselves.

And the price for POS is...

99 euro

...99 euros (one time fee) without any monthly subscription, regardless the size of the pub!
(of course the customers app - the client side- is free!)

happy client